Preserving Our Regional Assets

Gaming revenue helps stabilize arts and culture in Erie Co.

Since the Presque Isle Downs casino opened in Erie County, discussions ensued on how revenue generated from gaming should be spent in the community. Erie Arts & Culture was an active participant in efforts by the Regional Asset Task Force to earmark a portion of the gaming revenue as a source of public funding that can provide stability to our arts and cultural organizations throughout Erie County. Originally $1.2 million was designated for Regional Asset funding, but due to the economic downturn, a significant portion of that money was redirected to other projects in Erie County.

We are fortunate that past residents of Erie County have developed a vibrant and dynamic arts and cultural community that touches and benefits everyone in the county, thereby enhancing our quality of life. However, the present level of private contributions and limited governmental support is inadequate to preserve and enhance our Regional Assets, whether large or small. Public support of is crucial to the survival and future growth of the Regional Assets.

Gaming revenue can provide a dedicated, secure and substantial source of funds to preserve what Erie has to offer for the next generation.

Please continue to voice your support for Regional Asset funding by contacting your County Council representative.