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Erie Arts & Culture Membership Levels


Now is the time of year that we at Erie Arts & Culture ask for your help by joining or renewing your Erie Arts & Culture membership so we can continue to be the advocating voice for the arts in our community. This year, more than ever, your support is critical for the services and programs that help you – and in turn the entire arts community. Your membership allows us to fulfill our mission to nurture the arts and enrich the lives of those in northwest Pennsylvania through financial support, advocacy, education and leadership.

Financial Support. Erie Arts & Culture remains committed to enhance and grow funding opportunities and to identify and procure new public and private resources to support our regional arts. For example, our successful implementation of a multi-year $1.2 million arts-in-education federal grant already has opened doors for potential future funding for a range of arts and culture projects. The Combined Arts & Culture Campaign for the Arts will bring greater visibility and hopefully more funding to the projects of artists and arts organizations.

Advocacy. Erie Arts & Culture remains a regional leader in maintaining funding for the arts in the state budget, primarily for technical support and grants for quality arts programs across the Commonwealth and specifically for northwest PA. Our longstanding community partnership with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts was a significant asset in PCA’s recommendation that the 2012 Governor's Arts Awards be held in Erie in September.

Education. Erie Arts & Culture is looking to expand its proven capacity to provide practical training for artists and art-based programs. Several new opportunities have been identified and we are excited by the prospect of working with other community partners to provide ways to improve your business or organization.

Leadership. Erie Arts & Culture is the driving force behind CultureSpark, the Erie County Cultural Master Plan. During the coming year, visibility will increase around this initiative and you also will see more on the impact of arts and culture on the region as a result of the work in integrating this plan, regional studies and other important initiatives. We are taking an active role in economic development initiatives such as Vital Signs and Destination Erie by providing data, expertise and participation. Together with the Erie Downtown Arts & Culture Coalition, we are exploring a new approach to promoting and sustaining regional arts and culture.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (814) 452-3427 or email We value your membership, and thank you in advance for empowering us to serve our community.